1. Inefficient debt structuring that means tax benefits are not optimised resulting in higher loan costs
2. Frequently they are paying too much for personal insurance premiums
3. Poor estate planning potentially effects their transfer of wealth
4. Purchasing or growing Practices is done with incorrect or inefficient structures
5. Superannuation investments are often not structured effectively to achieve retirement needs

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Why The Right Insurance is important

problem area


  • Frequently paying too much in premiums
  • Insurance cover not meeting actual personal needs

Usual Approach

Usual Approach

  • Future needs not properly considered
  • No regular re-assessment for changing financial circumstances
  • Results in under (risky) or over (expensive) insurance

Better Approach

Better Approach

  • Comprehensive analysis of current and future needs
  • Design strategy and structure to meet needs cost-effectively
  • Ongoing review and adjustment as circumstances change

Ask about a Free Insurance Audit

Getting a Free Insurance Audit may provide significant advantages if you:

  • Feel you may be paying too much for your personal insurance
  • Are unsure if you have the right cover for your personal and professional situation
  • Haven’t conducted an insurance audit in the past 12 months

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An exclusive service for medical professionals with
specialist expertise powered by One Wealth Advisory.

How Medical Wealth Advisory can help?

  • Conduct insurance audit
  • Comprehensive current and future needs analysis
  • Develop effective strategies utilising Stepped, Level & Hybrid premiums
  • Maximise tax deductibility through super and non-super structures
  • Implement and regularly review cover as needs change

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